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Since 1980, owner Leidy Almanza has dreamed of one day opening her own salon. Since entering the beauty world in the 80’s, she has worked tirelessly to build her own empire with consistent clientele; some of which have been by her side for over 29 years! Leidy is a licensed cosmetologist and tattoo artist, who has remained up to date with trends and has mastered the latest techniques on the market. It has become evident that it is time to expand her empire and share her impeccable work with others! In late 2019, co-business owner and daughter, Yuleinee Padron realized that together, this empire would be unbeatable. With over 10 years of specializing in makeup, Yuleinee is known for her lovable personality and unparalleled professional work in the field of beauty. Together, they built this upscale salon named

“The Glam Institute” with the hope that every woman or man that enters their doors, walks out with the confidence and beauty they did not feel before. Together, they have gathered a talented and experienced dream team to expand on all the beauty essentials needed to keep you looking & feeling beautiful.

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Leidy is a licensed cosmetologist and tattoo artist. With over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, she expanded her talents into permanent makeup and was certified with the highest ranking by the prestigious company of Phi Academy over 5 years ago. Leidy's determination to learn new techniques and master them is admirable. Being able to transform clients hair and eyebrows is her artistry! Her commitment to her clients and their happiness and satisfaction is her main priority.

Having grown up with a mother who was all about beauty, Yuleinee fell in love with the beauty industry since the age of 5. Sitting on her mother's lap, painting clients nails was her favorite pass time. Yuleinee is a Registered Nurse & licensed esthetician. Makeup artistry became her fascination at the age of 16 & she began obtaining certifications from makeup schools & companies (such as MAC). Recently, she became a certified lash technician. Her specialty is also brow design; certified and trained by the one and only Melanie Marris. Her perfectionism in her artistry is her main signature; assuring that any client that leaves her chair, leaves feeling confident and more beautiful than before.

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