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Eyelash extensions

Let your lashes do the talking...

At The Glam Institute, our beauty experts use top of the line products to ensure our clients satisfaction and safety. Our team of professional stylists are here to answer all of your questions concerning lash extensions and also help you customize fullness, length, and shape to best match your eye structure, lifestyle and personal style. Our light-weight eyelash extensions are so comfortable and feel so natural, you'll forget you have them. You will be thrilled with how you look when you leave our salon and even more ecstatic when you wake up with effortless beautiful lashes the next morning. As most say, "I don't know how I went so long without them"!


Ready to get started? Check out the styles we offer below.



This style is our most natural; used to enhance your own natural length and flare.


Full set: $120


Winged lash

Also known as cat-eye. Adding longer lashes towards the end to extend the eye shape. Our most popular style!

Full set: $150

Eye Bag Treatment

Lash lift & tint

Combine both services for the full effect. You'll love the look of your natural lashes!



Hybrid "luxury"

This style is our classic with more volume for further definition.


Full set: $140


Lash lift

This service is offered to those who just want a natural curl & hold of their own natural lashes. (No extensions used in this service).


Eyelash Implants

Classic/Hybrid refill

 Price varies depending on date of first initial session & percentage of lashes remaining.



Russian volume

Our dramatic lash; length will be custom. We want the drama, as natural as possible.


Full set: $175


Lash tint

This service will darken your natural lashes to make it look like you're wearing mascara. Combine with a lash lift  & you're set!



Russian volume refill

Price varies depending on date of first initial session & percentage of lashes remaining. 


we're here for you...


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